Welcome breeders and British cat lovers. We're a family from Germany, Olga and Hans Fuchs.
 Once i started reading about this breed, going to exhibitions and admiring these charming creatures, with beautiful big eyes, round face and beautiful physique. The more I read, the more I wanted to become a breeder.
And I've been breeding these wonderful cats now. I more prefer colors of gold and blue gold. Now im very happy to have so nice cat family.
With my pets we regularly visit exhibitions, it is important for me that not only I, but also the experts appreciate my work.

My cats are regularly consulted by doctors, we do tests for genetic and infectious diseases. We get vaccinations on time, kittens included.
I hope you, dear visitors to the site, you will enjoy our family, and you are sure to buy such a nice miracle to your home.

Best regards from Germany
Family Fuchs


Breeder:  Olga Fuchs
E-mail:   volvinn@gmail.com

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